Aviva Community Fund

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In May we asked for your votes to help to secure funding from the Aviva Community Fund. Many thanks for voting, we were successful and have been awarded £1,000 to enable elderly and vulnerable local residents to participate in activities at the library.

We aim to reduce isolation and increase well-being for our elderly and most vulnerable residents, whilst we help them get connected.

We aim to make information, coaching and activities available, which will not only help reduce isolation and increase well-being for our elderly/vulnerable population but will also remove mobility obstacles, so they have the internet access they need and are able to use it.

Whilst we hope to fund many of the activities through volunteers and donations of craft materials, we will be using some of this fund to provide transport to bring the elderly to our library and to take them home again. This will really help because many have mobility problems and Coppice Library is located in a part of Trafford which is not well-served by public transport.

The events will be advertised widely to the local community, using posters/leaflets (in doctor’s surgeries, churches and local shops) and newspaper articles.

We envisage this series of events as an important opportunity to ensure the elderly and vulnerable in our community fully understand the role of the library in 2015.

Afternoon Movie – Dec 2015

Friends of Coppice Library Film afternoon_01 In December we ran a free movie afternoon in the library. The event was well attended and well received. We intend to run a series of these events in 2016.
151206 Aviva Film Event 1_resized

Local History Talk – Dec 2015

20151215 PatCoulburn talk